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5 Ways to Jump Start Your Emergency Savings

Elena Peerson discusses 5 ways to jump start your emergency savings.

Financial Experiments in Quarantine

Elena Peerson discusses different ways the pandemic may change how you view your finances.

Emotions and Your Retirement Savings

Rick Hope discusses keeping your emotions in check with your retirement savings.

Kids & Money

Elena Peerson discusses ideas to help you teach your kids about money.

Tom Talks to His Kids About Stocks and Bonds

Tom Leverone has an entertaining discussion with his 4 young-adult children about stocks and bonds. For some reason, they once again use fake names, but different fake names than the prior podcast. It's a very strange family...

Tom Talks to His Kids About Their Finances

Tom Leverone has an entertaining discussion with his 4 young-adult children about their finances. For some reason, they use fake names - we're not sure if it was to protect their identity or if they were just embarrassed to be doing a podcast with their dad...

What are my options with an old employer's 401(k)?

Tom Leverone discusses 3 options on what you can do if you have money in a former employer's retirement plan.

The 3 Questions

Elena Peerson discusses the 3 most important questions to answer about your retirement plan.

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